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    Oracle's Summer CPU Fixes 10 Java Security Vulnerabilities

    Oracle's summer Critical Patch Update is expected to contain 322 patches across the company's product line, including 10 security fixes for Java Standard Edition (Java SE). 07/16/2019

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    Low-Code Specialists Dominate 'Multiexperience Development Platform' Ranking

    With the infiltration of new technologies in the mobile app development space, Gartner Inc. has renamed its former mobile-centric series of research reports to "multiexperience," and the first such offering shows familiar low-code vendors leading the pack. 07/16/2019

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    Flutter 1.7 Supports AndroidX as Dev Team Struggles with Bug Reports Amid Popularity Hike

    Flutter, Google's open source, cross-platform mobile UI framework, has been updated to version 1.7, sporting support for AndroidX, enhanced Android App Bundles functionality and more. 07/15/2019

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    Facebook Open Sources Hermes JavaScript Engine for Better React Native Performance

    After reaching a React Native performance impasse while building internal apps, Facebook engineers identified the JavaScript engine as a primary bottleneck, so they created and open sourced their own engine. 07/12/2019

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    Android Q Beta 5 Solidifies Final System Behaviors, Release Candidate Is Next

    With Android Q developer APIs already finalized, a new Beta 5 release is nailing down system behaviors in advance of final release coming this quarter. 07/11/2019

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    Start-Up Emerges from Stealth with AI Bots for Mobile App Testing Grunt Work

    A company called Mesmer has emerged from stealth mode with Intel-backed funding and a plan to relieve mobile app developers from the drudgery of customer experience software testing, putting AI-powered bots to the task. 07/11/2019

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    GraalVM v.19.1 Released

    The GraalVM team at Oracle Labs announced the latest release of the GraalVM (version 19.1), a point release that nevertheless comes with some significant fixes and updates for the extension of the JVM designed to run applications written in a range of languages. 07/10/2019

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    NIST Report Urges IT Organizations To Adjust to IoT Challenges

    By 2020, research firm IoT Analytics projects that some 9.3 billion connected, Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be deployed worldwide, up from 7 billion in 2018. 07/10/2019

  • Rebooting OpenJDK Mobile

    Is it time to "reboot" the OpenJDK Mobile Project, which focused on porting the JDK to iOS, Android, and the now deceased Windows Mobile? Johan Vox, co-founder of Gluon, a Belgium-based mobile solutions, and a Java Champion, thinks so. 07/10/2019

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    IBM Completes Historic Red Hat Acquisition

    IBM completed its acquisition of open source solutions provider and long-time Java community leader Red Hat yesterday. The $34 billion deal was Big Blue's largest acquisition to date, and one of the largest tech company acquisitions in history. 07/10/2019

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    Firm Unveils Upload-and-Protect Cloud Security Tool for Mobile Developers

    Persistent mobile app development security issues -- in an age of unrelenting demand for more enterprise mobile apps -- can now be addressed with a cloud-based, upload-and-protect service. 07/09/2019

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    Compuware Adds Machine Learning DevOps Muscle to Mainframe CI Solution

    Compuware is integrating its machine-learning-driven zAdviser analytics tool with is ISPW mainframe continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) solution. 07/02/2019

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    Microsoft Engineers Detail Polyglot Approach to Android Development

    Microsoft engineers are detailing their approach to Android development in a series of blog posts, with the first installment pointing to a decidedly independent, polyglot approach from different teams spread across the world. 06/27/2019

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    Java 13 Enters Rampdown Phase

    Java 13, the upcoming update of the reference implementation of the Java SE Platform, has entered the Rampdown Phase, which means the overall feature set is frozen and no further JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPs) will be targeted for this release. 06/26/2019

  • Eclipse SimRel-2019-06 Now Available

    The Eclipse Foundation's latest stepped-up simultaneous project release comprises 76 projects, including the latest Eclipse IDE. 06/26/2019

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    Zulu Mission Control 7.0 Goes GA

    Azul Systems announced this week the general availability of Zulu Mission Control 7.0, the Java performance management and application profiling tool based on the OpenJDK Mission Control project. The free tool is designed to work with Azul's Zing JVM and its Zulu build of OpenJDK, and it supports both Java SE 8 and 11. 06/26/2019

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    Open Source Kotlin Continues to Climb

    Kotlin is continuing its "meteoric" rise in the software development world, with recent research providing new insights into its increasing popularity. 06/25/2019

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    Research Firm Ranks Low-Code Platforms for Business Developers

    Forrester Research published a new report on low-code platforms for business developers, ranking 12 vendors on enterprise application development and delivery (AD&D) criteria. 06/21/2019

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    New Xcode 11 Beta 2 Helps Coders Try Out SwiftUI

    By many accounts, Apple's new SwiftUI development framework was the hit of the company's big developer conference earlier this month, and the new Xcode 11 Beta 2 can help coders put it through its paces with new functionality. 06/20/2019

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