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    Empowering Citizen Data Scientists to Solve the AI Skills Shortage

    A skills shortage is hampering the advance of artificial intelligence, according to industry research, and AI technology that empowers a rise of "citizen data scientists" may be the answer. 03/20/2018

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    IBM Provides Deep Learning as a Service

    The latest effort to make artificial intelligence programming more accessible to developers in the face of an industry-wide skills shortage comes from IBM, which today announced Deep Learning as a Service. 03/20/2018

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    Microsoft Adds JUnit 5 Testing Support, More Java Features to Visual Studio Code

    Microsoft's Visual Studio Code team has added initial support for the JUnit 5 testing framework, along with other Java functionality via extensions to the open source, cross-platform code editor. 03/20/2018

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    AWS Puts Documentation on GitHub, Solicits Pull Requests

    As part of an ongoing effort to open source developer guides and other documentation, Amazon Web Services has just published many more repositories on GitHub, inviting community developers to contribute with edits, bug fixes and other improvements. 03/19/2018

  • Purdy on Java EE Becoming Jakarta

    John reaches out to Cameron Purdy, currently the CEO and founder of stealth mode startup xqiz.it and former vice president of development at Oracle, to get his reaction to the rebranding of Java Enterprise Edition to Jakarta EE. 03/14/2018

  • Jakarta: The Community Reacts to a New Brand with an Old Pedigree

    Under the aegis of the Eclipse Foundation, the technology formerly known as Java Enterprise Edition (and Project EE4J) is Jakarta EE. Given the community's reaction -- positive but with lingering disappointments -- this one is probably going to stick. 03/14/2018

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    Stack Overflow Developer Survey: Dangers of AI, DevOps, Ethics, Python, More

    With more than 100,000 developers weighing in, the 8th annual Stack Overflow Developer Survey breaks new ground this year, exploring subjects such as the dangers of artificial intelligence, coding ethics, the growing DevOps and machine learning movements and much more. 03/13/2018

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    Oracle Plans to Decouple JavaFX from the JDK

    Oracle says it will separate JavaFX from the core JDK distribution beginning with JDK 11, stating that making the technology available as a separate module will make it easier to adopt and will "clear the way for new contributors to engage in the open source OpenJFX community." 03/12/2018

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    Developer Report Compares Agile vs. DevOps

    One interesting aspect of the new survey-based developer report from GitLab Inc. -- a company based on the open source GitLab project -- is a comparison of two popular development approaches: Agile and DevOps. 03/09/2018

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    What's New in Programming Language Popularity

    Both the TIOBE Index and RedMonk Programming Language Rankings issued new reports this week to track the popularity of programming languages, with old favorites -- especially Java and JavaScript -- continuing to dominate, though Ruby and Kotlin were called out for special attention. 03/09/2018

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    After Oreo, Developer Preview of Android P Arrives

    Let the candy nickname speculation begin: Android P has arrived in the form of an early developer preview, less than seven months after Android Oreo (8.0) shipped. 03/08/2018

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    Enterprises Can't Get Enough AI Talent

    Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest areas in software development right now and employers just can't get enough AI skills, confirms a new report on enterprise hiring trends. 03/05/2018

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    AI Dev Watch 3/1: Google's Free Machine Learning Course, Microsoft Genomics for Azure, Intel Program for Bringing AI IoT Products to Market, More

    A round-up of the latest artificial intelligence-related development news from Google, Microsoft, Intel, IBM and more. 03/01/2018

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    Flutter Beta Arrives with New Way to Create Native Mobile Apps

    Flutter, the open source mobile UI framework backed by Google, has emerged into beta with a new way to create native iOS and Android apps with one codebase. 02/28/2018

  • Apache NetBeans (Incubating) 9.0 Beta Released

    The Apache Software Foundation announced the beta release of the still incubating version of Apache NetBeans 9.0. 02/28/2018

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    Zing Java Runtime Added to JBoss Data Grid

    Azul Systems and Red Hat today announced that the Zing runtime for Java will be available as a free upgrade with JBoss Data Grid subscriptions 02/28/2018

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    Java EE Name Change To Jakarta EE

    It's official: the new name for the technology formerly known as Java Enterprise Edition (and Project EE4J) is Jakarta EE. 02/26/2018

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    ARCore 1.0 Ships for Augmented Reality Android Apps

    With the announcement that Google's ARCore augmented reality SDK has emerged from preview in version 1.0, developers can now use it to create augmented reality apps for distribution through the Play Store. 02/23/2018

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    Google's Dart 2 Reboot Targets Client-Side Mobile, Web Development

    Google has revamped its Dart programming language, adding strong typing and other optimizations for client-side development of mobile and Web apps. 02/23/2018

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