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    Swift Usage Declines as Devs Go Multiplatform for Mobile, Says Report

    Programming with Swift is on the decline as mobile developers increasingly shift to multiplatform tools using C# (Xamarin) and JavaScript (Apache Cordova and Ionic), says the new report from the TIOBE Index, which measures language popularity. 10/19/2017

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    Realm Upgrades Database-Centric Mobile Dev Platform

    Realm has updated its mobile app development platform, adding a studio tool that gives developers new insights into stored device data and interactions with that data, among other new features. 10/18/2017

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    Google Updates New Streaming Apps SDK

    Google has updated the SDK for its Android streaming apps project -- called Instant Apps -- that it introduced this year, providing a way to bypass the traditional installation process. 10/17/2017

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    Adobe Flash Security Vulnerability Currently Being Targeted by Attackers

    Attack campaigns are currently being waged against the latest Adobe Flash security hole, the company announced on Monday. 10/17/2017

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    Flaw Found in WPA2 Wireless Networking Security Protocol

    WPA2, the gold-standard protocol for protecting Wi-Fi networks, has been found to have a serious security vulnerability. 10/16/2017

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    AWS, Microsoft Team Up for 'Gluon' Deep Learning Project

    The cloud rivals partner on project described as an open source deep learning interface that allows developers 'to more easily and quickly build machine learning models without compromising training performance.' 10/13/2017

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    GitHub Intros Dependency Graphs, Security Alerts Coming Soon

    GitHub is boosting the security capabilities of its software development platform, introducing new open source project dependency graphs and promising alerts when bad actors show up in those graphs. 10/12/2017

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    Release Pressure Forces 40% of Devs to Skip App Testing, Study Says

    While some say developers have a choice job because of high salaries, another study is out pointing to a pressure-cooker environment in which the rush to release causes coders to shortcut basic security practices -- to the point of not even testing apps. 10/11/2017

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    Kotlin Edges Java Among Android Devs

    The publishers of the first edition of the Realm Report, released yesterday, found that Android developers are abandoning Java in favor of Kotlin. 10/11/2017

  • Java EE: What's in a Name?

    JavaOne was buzzing about Java EE moving to the Eclipse Foundation, but the fact that it might not be called 'Java' there is rubbing some Java jockeys the wrong way. 10/10/2017

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    Google Launches Cloud NoSQL Database for Mobile, Web Apps

    Google announced a new cloud-based NoSQL database called Cloud Firestore for its Firebase development platform, which supports mobile and Web app programming. 10/10/2017

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    JavaOne Recap: Java First! Java in the Cloud!

    You could boil down the keynote messages at this year's JavaOne conference to two phrases: Java first! and Java in the cloud! If you had a little more room in the pot, you could add: Java SE 9 and Java EE 8 are ready to rock! 10/09/2017

  • Microsoft Exec Signals End of Windows 10 Mobile with a Tweet

    Well, at least Xamarin.Forms developers can now stop paying lip service to the Windows component of their cross-platform mobile apps. 10/09/2017

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    Microsoft Edge on iOS/Android Bridges Mobile-Desktop Browser Divide

    Microsoft today unveiled two apps that bring its Edge browser to iOS and Android while bridging the divide between mobile and desktop browsers, letting users seamlessly switch between the two while continuing on the same project. 10/05/2017

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    Mozilla Funds 'Governmental or Vigilante Abuse' Crowdsourcing Tool

    Reflecting the sociopolitical unrest of our times, Mozilla made a hefty donation to an Africa-based crowdsourcing project to help people "raise their voice" amid political turmoil or government/vigilante abuse. 10/05/2017

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    Careers Site: iOS Coding Pays More than Android

    Not only do Apple's mobile devices cost more, but developing for them also pays more -- to the tune of $7,000 annually -- according to careers site Dice. 10/04/2017

  • Diving into DevOps

    Opening a DevOps Bottleneck

    Toad DevOps Toolkit addresses a potential bottleneck in the continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline: Oracle database changes. 10/04/2017

  • The Agile Architect

    8 Not-So-Subtle Hints from an Agile Team...

    Things agile developers want to tell you but won't. 10/03/2017

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    Code Quality Research: Functional Languages Beat Procedural/Object-Oriented

    Academic researchers have published a study investigating the effect of programming languages on software quality, concluding the issue is hard to quantify but also identifying significant findings, such as functional languages having an edge over procedural/object-oriented languages. 10/03/2017

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