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    5 Years in, React Native Facing Re-Architecture

    With lessons learned during five years of development, React Native is now facing a major re-architecture to provide more flexibility and integrate the framework better with native infrastructure in hybrid JavaScript/native apps. 06/19/2018

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    AI Assists Mendix Low-Code Tool for Enterprise Mobile, Web Apps

    Low-code tool vendor Mendix today claimed the first artificial intelligence-assisted offering for quickly creating enterprise mobile and Web apps. 06/19/2018

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    Google's Low-Code App Maker Now Generally Available

    Google announced the general availability of its low-code App Maker tool, designed to quickly create apps for its business-oriented G Suite portfolio. 06/15/2018

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    Perfecto Tests Progressive Web Apps

    Nodding to the growing Progressive Web Apps movement, Perfecto announced it's providing cloud-based automated testing of PWAs, which blend attributes of the Web and mobile. 06/15/2018

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    MapR Adds Amazon EKS (Kubernetes) Support to Big Data Platform

    Big Data specialist MapR Technologies has added support for the Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) to its flagship data platform. 06/14/2018

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    Apache NetBeans 9.0 RC1 Now Available

    NetBeans 9.0 RC1 comprises all the modules in the Apache NetBeans Git repository, which together constitute the NetBeans Platform, along with all the modules that provide the Java SE-related features of Apache NetBeans. 06/11/2018

  • Waratek's Giannakidis: Removing Serialization from Java Is Not the End of the Story

    Last month, Oracle's chief architect, Mark Reinhold, said during a conference Q&A that one of Oracle's long-term goals is to change the way Java handles object serialization. In fact, he called the decision to adopt the current serialization feature a "horrible mistake," and a virtually endless source of security vulnerabilities. But there's more to the story. 06/11/2018

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    Java Still Most Popular Primary Language, Report Finds

    The Java programming language continues to be the most popular primary programming language, a new report found, while JavaScript lead the "most used programming language overall" category, and the Go programming language earned "most promising programming language." 06/11/2018

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    AWS Cloud Favored for Node.js Deployment, Survey Says

    The Node.js Foundation published its third annual user survey, revealing the Amazon Web Services cloud is the primary deployment target for Node.js production code. 06/08/2018

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    Microsoft Unveils Visual Studio 2019 Plans

    John Montgomery, director of Program Management for Visual Studio, for the first time published an official announcement of the next edition of the company's flagship IDE, Visual Studio 2019. 06/06/2018

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    Machine Learning Powers New iOS Developer Functionality

    AI breakthroughs continue to be infused in developer tooling, with a new machine learning framework for the upcoming iOS 12 being the latest example. 06/06/2018

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    Apple Boosts iOS Augmented Reality Development with ARKit 2

    Apple updated its augmented reality programming functionality with ARKit 2, featured with the new iOS 12 that was also unveiled during the ongoing 2018 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. 06/05/2018

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    Developers Have Mixed Reaction to Microsoft's Acquisition of GitHub

    Perhaps the biggest-yet example of the new, open source-friendly Microsoft is today's news that the company is acquiring the leading open source platform, GitHub, news that evoked some skepticism among developers and brought up ghosts of Microsoft's past. 06/04/2018

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    New Machine Learning Debugging and Visualization Platform Unveiled

    Courting enterprise AI developers, a new San Francisco-based company has unveiled a machine learning debugging and visualization platform. 06/01/2018

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    Open Source NativeScript 4.0 for Mobile Apps Released

    The release of NativeScript 4.0 was announced by Progress, the primary backer of the open source framework for building cross-platform, native mobile apps with JavaScript-based tools. 05/31/2018

  • Enterprise Java in the Blogosphere

    John points out some must-reads to help make sense of the mind-boggling enterprise Java space. 05/30/2018

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    Removing Serialization from Java Is a 'Long-Term Goal' at Oracle

    Oracle's chief architect says his company intends to remove serialization from Java -- eventually. 05/30/2018

  • The Agile Architect

    Keep CALMS and DevOps Ons

    There has been a lot of misinformation about the nature of DevOps and its relationship to (Big A) Agile. Our Agile Architect explains why DevOps is an important component of (little a) agile, plus offers the top five DevOps misconceptions dev teams often have. 05/29/2018

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    Kubernetes Gets Containerd Runtime Option

    Containerd integration is now generally available as a runtime option for the open source Kubernetes container orchestration system. 05/29/2018

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